Productivity services.

Unlock the power of your people and maximise business performance.

Workforce productivity is central to competitive edge. Your customers expect real-time, reliable and simple interactions, whenever, wherever and however they contact you. Your employees expect flexible working options. And your business needs ways to innovate, build competitive edge and grow or maintain revenue. 

Bistech offers a full suite of Productivity Services that will amplify the effectiveness of your people through an enhanced user experience. We work with you to understand your business drivers and IT strategy, identifying the right products and services that will add most value to your customers, your people and your business.

Agile and scalable, our solutions enable you to drive customer experience, boost business efficiency and deliver measurable results.

Productivity Overview.

Unified Comms

Streamline your business communications, cut costs and boost productivity - rapidly scale services up or down with changing business needs.

Mobile Working

Empower your employees with access to the same tools and resources they have in the office - work seamlessly and securely, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Enable real-time teamworking and collaboration - work effectively as a team, with an extensive range of voice and video, co-authoring and document sharing apps.

Modern Desktop

Provide users with the best cloud-powered desktop experience and the latest productivity tools - ease IT management overhead with built-in security and perpetual updates.

Contact Centre

Deliver a joined-up omnichannel digital experience - drive customer experience to maximise loyalty and retention.


Productivity Services that mean business. Contact us today.