The right verdict.

Innovative technology sets the standard for client experience.

Verisona Law is a progressive and dynamic law firm based on the south coast of the UK. Focussed on delivering high quality, cost effective and professional services, the multi-award winning firm works with businesses and individuals across the globe. Operating the 'Verisona Way' by combining initiative with knowledge and experience, Verisona aims to make a positive difference to both personal and business lives.

The legal sector is a fast and competitive environment. To remain ahead of the curve, it was key for Verisona Law to upgrade its ageing system to optimise operations and boost client experience. So, in 2018, Verisona engaged with Bistech to embark on a business communications review.

Bistech carefully designed and implemented a centralised and resilient unified comms solution, connecting Verisona's multiple sites. The new, agile solution provides the team with access to video conferencing, instant messaging, presence information and remote working capabilities. 

With flexible working now established, lawyers can work with clients anywhere and at any time. Travel costs are cut, and the time that would have been spent travelling is focussed on providing the high quality service that clients expect. Furthermore, the seamless multi-site connectivity has boosted business efficiency, with employees able to collaborate at the touch of a button. And the agile working environment offers an attractive place for the right calibre of talent – key for a competitive industry.

Agile and future-proof, the Bistech solution has set solid foundations for future growth, whilst enabling Verisona to maintain the professional image it aspires to.

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