The need for speed.

Always-on connectivity drives motor dealership success.

Originally founded as Brooklands Garage in 1946, today JCT600 is one of the UK’s largest and best regarded car dealers. With 51 dealerships across Northern England, the business represents 21 of the world’s best-known car brands, including Audi, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The independently owned family business has a vision to be "not the biggest, just the best" and takes pride in always delivering first-rate customer service.

In 2016, JCT600’s network had been performing poorly and the impact of frequent downtime was being felt across the entire business. The network was slow, unreliable, complicated and inflexible. A new supplier had to be found.

Having heard of Bistech's pedigree from within the motor industry, the team at JCT600 was keen to talk and quickly gained confidence in Bistech’s knowledge of the sector. Following a thorough selection process, JCT600 chose Bistech as its network communications partner and the project was carefully planned and implemented.

The value of the always-on solution soon became apparent, with business efficiency and employee productivity transformed. Similarly, the pressure on the IT team diminished, allowing them to upskill and focus on more strategic IT projects.

From a Service Team perspective, another key business benefit has been the ability to upload high resolution videos. Having previously taken half an hour or more to upload videos, it now takes seconds meaning customers can respond to authorisation requests much quicker.

Looking to the future, the Bistech network will enable JCT600 to leverage the latest showroom technologies through wallboards, digital displays and television streaming - delivering media in the way that the manufacturers require.

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