Making the grade.

Scalable Unified Comms solution scores top marks for growth.

Launched in 2001, Explore Learning provides seven-day-a-week tutoring for children aged between five and fourteen, delivering award winning results year after year.

In 2012 and after several years of growth, the voice systems at Explore Learning had become so unreliable that business operations, company growth and even staff retention were becoming issues. Having invested in the hardware and needing to retain it, Explore Learning’s IT Director, Matt Evans, commenced the search for a partner that could deliver a more stable system.

Explore Leaning was put in touch with Bistech, who rapidly diagnosed the problem and designed a solution to protect the existing investment and dramatically improve the quality of service.

A strong business partnership evolved and more recently, Explore Learning took the opportunity to upgrade its systems to meet future business needs. Working together, Bistech designed an elegant and futureproof UCaaS solution that would easily scale to accommodate business growth. The benefits were immediate, with greatly improved uptime, reduced investment costs and better control for the IT team.

The new system has also been a game changer for the contact centre team, with improved call prioritisation and management to enhance customer experience. With the success of Explore Learning’s social media, radio and TV advertising strategy, there has been a large increase in the volume of calls and the Bistech solution has empowered the team with the metrics to monitor campaign success and effectively track leads.

When Bistech started working with Explore Learning in 2012 they had some 65 tuition centres. That number has now grown to 144. Looking to the future, with their Bistech solution, they now have the ability scale, adapt and grow.

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