Independence is critical to our business proposition.

Whilst independence is an expression often over-used within the voice and data communications sector, Bistech operates with a unique degree of impartiality. We are not compelled, obliged or exclusively contracted to work with any particular manufacturer, enabling us to provide only the most commercially appropriate and reliable products and voice and data technologies.

Our customers trust us to deliver impartial, truly independent advice.

How do we do this?

Bistech has evolved from core engineering foundations - not from sales and marketing. With experience of voice and data technologies spanning three decades, we understand industry trends and draw on this when recommending options for customers. This depth of knowledge means our customers are fully informed. Research and development has always been a key focus and our teams are experts in all aspects of communications.

Bistech's R&D team is constantly analysing and appraising emerging voice and data technologies, reviewing our portfolio in line with new industry developments. We welcome the opportunity to share this information, giving customers the inside track on the communications industry.

Following initial discussions, we research options and present these with clear explanations - in plain English - enabling you to make fully informed decisions. This approach has earned Bistech the reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry.

We believe the strength in our proposition comes from the time invested by both parties at the outset - these initial discussions with business leaders establish a clear picture of the business and ensure we recommend the right solution.

This mutual commitment is evidenced by the fact that over 95% of our clients renew their contracts year on year.