14 Feb 2018

Unified Communications & the Cloud Uncovered

Posted by Chris Thomas

For Unified Comms Cloud Opinion

The pace of innovation in Unified Communications (UC) has increased rapidly over the last few years, and technology vendors are now focusing their R&D activities almost entirely on cloud delivery.

For this reason, when considering UC, it is advisable to evaluate cloud-based options, understand the choices your potential partner is offering and be sure that you are comparing like with like. Here are the three key areas we suggest you investigate...

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30 Jan 2018

Keeping you connected: Business Continuity and the Cloud

Posted by Sally Bailey

For Business Continuity Cloud Opinion

In today’s volatile world, it seems that the companies who challenge the norm and disrupt the market make the biggest impact. Yet in business, whilst it’s true that most organisations have to change in order to stay relevant, day-to-day continuity is equally essential.

Of course, risk factors such as weather, travel disruption and human error have always existed. Somewhat inevitably however, when there is no perceived direct return on planning for the worst, some people have a tendency to simply hope for the best. At Bistech, we recommend a more considered approach.

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22 Aug 2017

Cloud comes of age: subscribe to a new way of working

Posted by Richard Holbrook

For Opinion Cloud Digital Transformation

Technology tides are changing. Cloud has matured, enabling a major shift in the way businesses operate.

Traditional CapEx based IT models are increasingly being superseded by subscription-based OpEx models. For many, this move away from outright ownership requires a leap in mindset, but there can be some real business benefits, including cost savings, improved cash flow and total scalability.

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