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21 Feb 2017

What makes great customer service?

Posted by Jilly Graydon

For Communication Opinion

It has never been easier or more affordable to make contact with customers than it is today. Yet customer service excellence is no quick win. Creating prosperous business relationships is a marathon, not a sprint!

Good old-fashioned customer service with a modern twist can work wonders. Whilst not everyone will agree what constitutes great customer service, taking a back to basics approach is a good place to start. We look at the essentials…

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25 Jan 2017

The ransomware epidemic: how to defend your business

Posted by Dan Thomas

For News Security Business Continuity

Ransomware has become a big security threat to business. With over half of UK organisations reportedly targeted in the last twelve months and cyber criminals using increasingly advanced methods, safeguarding against these attacks is vital.

So how can you defend your business-critical data and your corporate wallet? We decode the threat…

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07 Oct 2016

MPLS vs VPLS: which technology is right for your business?

Posted by Chris Thomas

For Opinion Connectivity

Clarifying the misconceptions...

IT leaders have a host of options when considering the best technology for connecting their corporate network. Whilst MPLS networks have been the established private network of choice for some time, increasingly we see network providers recommend VPLS as a “better” alternative. So what is the real difference? We delve beneath the surface...

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24 Aug 2016

5 ways technology is driving success for professional services

Posted by Adam Pretty

For Communication Opinion News Professional Services

Forward-thinking partners in the professional services sector are embracing business technologies to maintain competitive edge.

Professional services as an industry may have been a little apprehensive when considering new, advanced technologies. With regulatory compliance and security concerns paramount, it’s understandable why. But times are changing, and now, adopting the right technologies is central to a firm’s success.

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