Tech talk: promoting an agile, resilient and secure future. Posted by Sally Bailey, 23 Mar 2021

Spring is upon us, lockdown 3.0 is gradually easing and at long last there’s a sense of optimism in the air. As the green shoots of recovery start to show through, we talk to some of our Client Management team to learn more about the trends they’ve seen as the business world prepares for the next ‘new normal’.

The past year has been a challenging time for most businesses. What’s the general mood amongst customers now?


“Every customer and every industry we work with face unique challenges, but overall, there’s a positive mood out there - a cautious optimism. We’re increasingly seeing a return to ‘business as usual' in terms of decision-making and progressing with strategic IT projects. However, relatively few customers are talking about a full return to the office, with some completely rethinking their use of physical office space. Most look set to adopt a hybrid approach for the foreseeable future.”



Which positive changes will remain long after the pandemic?


“For many of our customers, as well as the Bistech team, the shift from in-person meetings and voice conversations to video calls has been a game changer. Planned video calls are more efficient, saving travel time and reducing carbon footprint - and it’s far easier to get all the people you need into the same (virtual) room! And with further benefits such as live chat, co-editing, and screen and file-sharing, modern UC technologies will continue to drive productivity.”

Mark B


Covid-19 demanded a rapid acceleration of digital transformation for virtually every business. Does this look set to continue?


“We’re still supporting many customers with their digital transformation strategies. There’s an ongoing shift to migrate on-premise IT such as email servers and line of business apps to the cloud, for potential cost savings, security benefits and improved agility. We’re also seeing increased interest in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) services to support with long-term hybrid working strategies. Resilience is key. If a similar Business Continuity challenge occurs in the future, with the right technology, it should simply be business as usual.”



What other priorities are you supporting customers with?


“Security remains a top challenge for every organisation. Dispersed working brings a range of security concerns and with new threats evolving daily, we’re advising customers to adopt a zero-trust approach with real-time threat protection. The security landscape is always changing, so it’s prudent to regularly reassess your security posture and promote cybersecurity awareness across the entire organisation.

Mark T


These are just some of the opportunities and challenges we are currently supporting businesses with. To find out more or to discuss how we can help with your evolving IT strategy, please call us on 01202 33 22 00.