Cloud comes of age: subscribe to a new way of working. Posted by Richard Holbrook, 22 Aug 2017

Technology tides are changing. Cloud has matured, enabling a major shift in the way businesses operate.

Traditional CapEx based IT models are increasingly being superseded by subscription-based OpEx models. For many, this move away from outright ownership requires a leap in mindset, but there can be some real business benefits, including cost savings, improved cash flow and total scalability.

Join the digital disruptors

With so many ‘born in cloud’ businesses challenging conventional companies, even the most established are looking at how a ‘cloud first’ strategy can deliver additional business agility and innovation. And the steady rise of services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure have also raised further interest in the benefit of cloud technologies.

Of course, there are many factors that may impede companies from making that leap from on-premise to cloud. These include dependencies on legacy IT systems, regulatory restrictions and fears around security. In addition, having the right resources in place, including reliable data connectivity and the appropriate technical expertise is crucial to a successful cloud deployment. A reputable cloud partner will provide Professional Services to guide you through the complexities of cloud and assure the security of your solution.

A cloud strategy for today

Many industry experts consider that full-scale cloud adoption may be decades away, so what’s the best strategy for today? There is clearly no ‘one size fits all’. A multi-cloud approach, effectively combining the most appropriate public, private or hybrid cloud technologies to meet individual business needs is the best way to support the majority of businesses in the long term.

With this new ‘right to use’ model of subscription becoming the norm, at Bistech we are seeing an uplift in demand for both established, as well as the newer cloud services to be consumed in this way. Our portfolio is constantly being reviewed in line with such industry developments, ensuring we have the breadth of service and expertise available to help our customers with their own digital transformation strategies.

Cloud, your way

Whether you require the inherent security and performance of IaaS, the flexibility and scale of Microsoft Azure, or the productivity and collaboration benefits of Office 365, we can help. With Bistech you will benefit from the best of cloud whilst experiencing exceptional customer service unrivalled in the industry.

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