Right on time: how technology is driving distribution. Posted by Dan Birchall, 12 Jul 2017

Forward-thinking distributors are turning to technology in order to meet customer expectations, power profitability and gain competitive edge.

The future of delivery is changing. And with it comes both uncertainty and opportunity. To thrive in this fast-paced industry, distributors need to be more flexible, efficient and customer focussed than ever before.

Companies with cutting-edge shipment methods are disrupting the marketplace. For example, services like Amazon Air are building on the already successful Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery service, pushing industry boundaries by significantly reducing delivery times.

Looking to the future, it’s possible that driverless vehicle technology could remove the need for delivery drivers altogether, with early reports suggesting that Google are looking to use them to compete with Amazon’s services. And although this does not pose an immediate threat, these trends are transforming the way the distribution industry operates, as well as customer expectation.

So how can distributors stay ahead of the curve whilst remaining competitive in these changing times? Here are some key considerations…

Maximise mobility

From warehouse to delivery vehicle, the majority of distribution workers are always on the move. With technology that enables true mobility, employees are empowered to check order statuses, inventory levels and production schedules at the touch of a button, minimising the gap between supply and demand.

Realise real-time communications

Customer expectation is at an all-time high, with same day delivery and live tracking services rapidly becoming the norm. Distributors that employ the right technology will communicate faster, across multiple platforms and in real time, to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and meet business-critical SLAs.

Facilitate flexibility

Seasonal fluctuations and changing technologies mean that flexible, robust and reliable connectivity for distributors is crucial. High speed, secure and resilient business networks are central to delivering powerful real-time visibility, scheduling and tracking information.

Invest in the future

Future-proofing is essential to remain profitable. Distributors investing in new technology to support their goals will enable more effective business processes, remove the likelihood of administrative errors and ultimately secure the best possible return on investment (ROI). Firms that use this opportunity to create a forward-thinking, collaborative and connected supply chain will maintain the advantage of competitive differentiation, and will continue to reap the benefits of technology as a key value driver.

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