What makes great customer service? Posted by Jilly Graydon, 21 Feb 2017

It has never been easier or more affordable to make contact with customers than it is today. Yet customer service excellence is no quick win. Creating prosperous business relationships is a marathon, not a sprint!

Good old-fashioned customer service with a modern twist can work wonders. Whilst not everyone will agree what constitutes great customer service, taking a back to basics approach is a good place to start. We look at the essentials…

1. Communication - It’s easy amongst the noise of digital communication to lose any real sense of rapport with your customer. So make it easy for them to contact you directly in the way they want to.

2. Speed - Customers want the best out of the product or service you sold them, right now! Maintain speedy query response times and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

3. Honesty - Forget the smoke and mirrors! Operate with the highest degree of openness and integrity when interacting with your customers.

4. Courtesy - Great manners will create goodwill with customers and go a long way in gaining respect as a business.

5. Consistency - With long-term reliability comes a lasting reputation. Ensuring you have efficient business processes in place will enable consistent communication with customers.

6. Knowledge - Expertise drives efficiency. The more you know about the service or product you are providing, the better experience you can give to your customers.

The power of proactivity

All too frequently, reactive customer care comes into play as a response to faults raised by the customer. Delivering a rounded, proactive experience enables much more than a half-hearted acknowledgement or, worse still, the panic of firefighting. Anticipating customer requirements and aiming to provide a superior service for all helps to retain a happy, loyal customer base.

Empower your employees

Training staff to deliver the highest levels of service ensures every member of the team is motivated to provide excellent customer care. Showing genuine interest in helping them to support their customers will encourage them to feel empowered and enjoy their work, meaning they are more likely to stay with the business for the long term.

A helpline that… helps!

We all want to be heard. With today’s customer tiring of button pressing, scripted responses and insincere support, the presence of a real person on the end of the phone over an automated system is more valuable than ever. Even better if they are able to deviate from a typical ‘computer says no’ response and actually help you!

The customer is always right?

Maybe not! Giving the customer anything and everything they want no matter how unreasonable their request could be commercial suicide. That said, customers are your lifeblood so it’s critical to serve them to the very best of your ability. Exceptional customer service involves listening, empathy and truly understanding customer needs – and then creating a win-win solution so everyone is happy.

Enabling excellence

Delivering great customer service relies on technology and process as much as having the right people with the right skills. Connecting with customers through proven, easy to use and reliable systems will enable the process, enhancing customer experience and engagement.

Bistech has provided business communication services since 1988. Over the years, technologies have evolved, but what remains constant is our long-term commitment to both our customers and our people. With an average length of service of 9 years, the highly trained Bistech team consistently delivers exceptional service. To experience good old-fashioned customer service the Bistech way, give us a call on 03330 11 22 55.