5 ways technology is driving success for professional services. Posted by Adam Pretty, 24 Aug 2016

Forward-thinking partners in the professional services sector are embracing business technologies to maintain competitive edge.

Professional services as an industry may have been a little apprehensive when considering new, advanced technologies. With regulatory compliance and security concerns paramount, it’s understandable why. But times are changing, and now, adopting the right technologies is central to a firm’s success.

Here are 5 essential ways that professional services firms are using technology to drive profitability and business success.

1. Increase fee earner availability: Improve mobility, remote working and collaboration to provide faster client response times. It’s win-win, as firms also benefit from reduced travel time thus increasing fee earning potential.

2. Provide 24/7 access to client data: Today, clients expect round-the-clock access to their essential information. Firms failing to offer this will be left behind. A well designed, secure network with integration to case management systems will provide effective resource sharing.

3. Streamline business operations: The automation of repetitive, routine tasks with digital technologies is transforming practices. Many firms are seeing reduced fee earner to support staff ratios and benefitting from significant savings.

4. Attract the best talent: Millenials, that generation of twenty somethings, are making career decisions based on the availability of technologies to enhance their working environment. Firms meeting expectations such as remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will improve talent retention.

5. Ensure ultimate security: Professional services firms are increasingly a target for cyber criminals, so are you protected? It is essential that your business network is robust, resilient and has business continuity built in to provide clients with the reassurance that their data is always in safe hands.

Working with the right partner is key to realising these advantages whilst ensuring both your information and your clients’ is totally secure. Check for the latest ISO 27001 certification which will give peace of mind of commitment to the highest international standards of information security.

Bistech has provided business technologies to the professional services sector for almost three decades. Working with customers across the legal, accountancy, financial services, architecture and property management professions we provide technology that drives productivity and profitability. Leaving you to focus upon keeping your clients happy.

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