22 Jul 2016
BT outages wreak havoc for UK businesses

BT outages wreak havoc for UK businesses

Posted by Chris Thomas

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Broadband and telephone services were wiped out for thousands of companies across the UK this week as two major outages occurred.

These outages also affected millions of bank customers accessing their online accounts and highlighted the infrastructural vulnerabilities of BT and other Internet Service Providers. We take a look at what just happened…

For most businesses, as long as their broadband service is working properly, they can easily access the Internet. So when major players within the industry have simultaneous issues, people question why a 30 minute power outage in London has affected their connectivity in Leeds for half a day, or why they couldn’t make a call from their mobile to a landline.

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week two data centre issues affected UK connectivity on a major scale. Over 10% of BT’s 9 million customers were affected. The issues were identified as a power outage in two separate London datacentres.

Because datacentres act as Internet hubs (a bit like traffic junctions), if there is a problem at a hub, traffic has to be re-routed and congestion usually ensues. The reported incidents happened at key UK connectivity hubs and while BT was in the news the most, many other carriers were also impacted.

The increasing trend of moving services to the cloud, with products like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, highlights how companies that rely on Internet connectivity for business critical applications like this are increasingly at the mercy of their connectivity supplier. Some businesses this week could have experienced a significant loss of productivity with staff not being able to access systems or make telephone calls at all.

Meanwhile at Bistech this week, it was business as usual. That’s because we do things differently...

When we first offered network connectivity to customers 12 years ago, we could have approached a carrier like BT and simply re-sold their network. But we didn’t. We chose the better, more resilient and totally independent (and more challenging) route of building our own infrastructure.

Our network was designed with a high speed resilient backbone with datacentre resilience; with the network spread across multiple locations, peering and agreements in place with multiple suppliers. This gives our customers the flexibility, resilience and security they have come to expect from us.

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