Tackling network congestion: England vs Wales post-match analysis. Posted by Chris Thomas, 16 Jun 2016

Stoppage time for business productivity?

Euro 2016 is well underway and today we’ve been watching the England v Wales match from a slightly different perspective - by keeping a close eye on our customers’ Internet utilisation.

As predicted, we saw Internet usage across the Bistech network soar to the highest levels we’ve seen, with traffic peaking at 50% higher than ever before. Interestingly whilst we watched Internet traffic peak, the calls coming into our Service Desk dropped to an all time low!

The Bistech Network is designed to cope with this level of traffic but some customers had not expected such a high increase in usage. For those customers, it was a case of swiftly implementing some emergency bandwidth controls.

Business Internet usage - England v Wales
On a business only network, it is plain to see the amount of traffic coming from offices, factories and stores – people tuning in to the football mania during working hours. Whilst some businesses may allow their staff to watch at work, how much of this traffic is from unauthorised streaming, with a significant reduction in productivity as a result? Perhaps a productivity study of England and Wales this afternoon would make for some interesting reading!

There is an argument either way. Using technology to restrict access to such events is possible and no doubt good for maintaining network usage. But what does it do for employee morale? We have seen a mixture of policies being deployed throughout our customer base.

Most would agree they would rather have the choice. And for those networks without the relevant controls, this choice is taken away and employees are left to make their own decision to watch or not to watch…

As livestreaming and video becomes more prevalent across our business networks and employees become more connected, businesses benefit from a variety of options for control and security. Even if viewing is permitted for such events, there’s no substitute for the ability to control bandwidth and ensure that business critical applications are protected from the impact of high network utilisation.

With more Euro 2016 matches around the corner and the Olympics coming soon, now is the time to consider your policies and how you can ensure business productivity.

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