08 Apr 2016
Millennials shape the workforce of the future

Millennials shape the workforce of the future

Posted by Adam Pretty

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Millennials, or Generation Y – those born in the 1980’s and 90’s - are now visible in the workplace and driving demand for a highly technical, flexible and dynamic work environment.

Attracting the right talent is critical to your business. Generation Y is a rapidly growing proportion of the UK workforce and forward-thinking companies are focussing on how to recruit and retain the very best millennial talent to ensure future success.

Understanding what drives this powerful generation of workers, the first to grow up with technology right at their fingertips, is essential in today’s competitive market. There is much research around the motivation and expectations of the millennial workforce and here we look at some of the current trends and what they mean for businesses.

Embrace technology

Companies are increasingly using tech-savvy techniques such as video interviews, virtual scenario assessments, Facebook quizzes, gaming technology or personality trait profiling to attract and engage millennials. Be mindful that candidates expect a swift response - organisations that take too long to process applications could miss out.

Look sharp

Lay the foundations for success by considering how millennial candidates see you. Is your website vibrant and engaging? What sort of language is used? And most importantly for a connected generation, what opportunities are there to interact with your organisation through social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn? The website is often the first touchpoint for potential recruits, so a great first impression is essential.

Promote work-life balance

Millennials seek access to technologies that enable them to work autonomously and there is an expectation that mobile and flexible working will be standard. Businesses that can demonstrate tech-enabled working practices that help achieve a healthy work-life balance are one step ahead when it comes to attracting the very best talent.

Give back

Firms that are seen to benefit society or the environment can appear more relevant. Whether that’s charitable involvement, environmental events or cultural activities, surveys reveal that the millennial contingent thrives upon a deeper, more purposeful reason to be involved.

Support career growth

Millennials have a reputation for being notoriously quick to jump from employer to employer, and research shows that they expect rapid career progression, around every one to two years. Many companies are now offering the chance to work across different parts of the business within the first three years to help retention. Whatever the approach, clarity about career paths and promotion criteria is crucial.

Explain the bigger picture

Helping individuals see the impact they can have on the wider organisation can be a significant motivator. Exposure to the broader organisational goals provides a more diverse work experience, greater feeling of inclusion and supports collaborative working across the business.

Invite feedback

Millennials truly thrive on collaboration and continual feedback. Open, real-time communication and the opportunity to present their own views will both enhance their performance and learning – which is great for employer and employee!

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