12 Jan 2016
Protecting your business telecoms

Great weather for ducks!

Four considerations to protect business telecoms from the great British weather

Since December, businesses and homes throughout north-east and north-west England have been badly damaged by floods. The rain during this period has been relentless, resulting in no end of distress and despair for all those affected. There have been more than 180 flood warnings across England and Wales, with bad weather damaging trade and causing chaos.

Some businesses may even face financial ruin in the wake of the floods. As well as stock and machinery damage, many businesses will have lost the use of their communications equipment. A flooded comms room could be fatal to a business that relies on customers being able to call them.

All on-premise hardware is of course at risk in these circumstances and a telephone system located at ground level, or tucked away in the basement is particularly vulnerable. However, with a little forward thinking, it is possible to ensure business continuity, even when skies are grey.

1. Ensure strategic planning

A strategic risk assessment is the ideal approach to safe-guarding and protecting against those unforeseen circumstances and minimising the impact should the unthinkable happen

2. Consider an off-site solution

Hardware that is located remotely in a secure environment will provide the peace of mind that core infrastructure is protected from adverse weather conditions

3. Keep control at your fingertips

When set up centrally, a simple change through an easily accessible platform will activate a disaster recovery programme immediately and ensure calls are routed to an alternative site, without affecting customers

4.  Achieve built-in reliability and resilience

A centralised solution is housed within a controlled environment that is highly secure, and provides a stable and reliable service, 24/7, even in the event of extreme conditions such as the ones we have seen in recent weeks.

Will you be weathering the storm or running for cover? To make sure your systems are protected, come rain or shine, call Bistech on 03330 11 22 55 for a no obligation conversation.