16 Dec 2015
Technology for surgeries

Technology rises to the challenge of a changing NHS

Posted by Mark Thompson

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It’s no secret that times are changing for GPs across the UK.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of significant transformation. This phase of evolution within the sector aims to create a stronger, more integrated approach to general care, making more efficient use of NHS resources.

The government’s proposals to reshape the terms of GPs contracts will mean longer opening hours for surgeries, with late night and weekend appointments available to patients. In addition, many surgeries are federating with other practices in their locality, enabling them to provide better out-of-hospital services, deliver more personalised care, improve patient experience and ensure the most efficient use of NHS resources.

With these changes fast becoming a reality, it’s no surprise that GPs and Practice Managers are looking at all options to improve efficiency and reduce spend. Many are considering improvements in working practices, using technology as an enabler.

For example, permitting access to systems that allow patients to securely order prescriptions, make appointments and even view medical records online will relieve pressure on reception staff, allowing them to prioritise their work and ensure availability for more urgent calls.

Reliable and secure network connectivity is fundamental to the move towards this more joined-up approach and enables better delivery of a broader range of services, to a wider pool of patients.

There are, of course, many options when it comes to potential solutions.

For federating practices that are pooling resources, many are looking to the Cloud for an efficient and cost effective way to achieve resilient network connectivity that supports shared services and delivers return on investment.

In addition, a robust, resilient phone system, will facilitate access for patients, especially at peak periods, having a significant impact on practice staff, healthcare visitors and the patients themselves.

When it comes to understanding what options are available, finding the right partner with the relevant experience is vital.

Bistech has been providing technology solutions within the Healthcare sector for over 27 years and has successfully installed tailored solutions to many surgeries throughout the UK.

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