16 Nov 2015
Benefits of cloud communications

Getting your head into the cloud

Posted by Chris Thomas

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Cloud is most definitely a buzz word in the world of IT at the moment. So what’s all the fuss about and how do you know if cloud is right for you?

Firstly let’s get one thing clear. Cloud, as a concept, is not new.

We’ve all been using cloud, in one form or another, for years. Your Hotmail account is in the cloud. Your shopping basket on Amazon is in the cloud. Even your online banking is a cloud service.

So why does it feel like a relatively new thing? Well the term ‘Cloud’ has more recently been exploited as a marketing term. And with more and more people using services like iTunes, Spotify, Netflix and of course iCloud for Apple users, the term is out there. Most people are now accessing some sort of cloud service every day. This ‘on demand’, consumption model of spending is slowly becoming accepted by personal users. For example, instead of buying a DVD or CD we are gradually getting used to paying a monthly fee and having access to the media we want, when we want it.

Of course, the natural evolution is for this approach to gradually transition into the business world. As more and more people buy into the concept of accessing faster, more readily available and cost effective services, the benefits on a business level can be far greater than those possible for consumers.

IT leaders no longer have to worry about server refresh cycles or software licensing costs or even having in-house expertise to manage infrastructure.  In addition to this, infrastructure costs become far more predictable.

Fantastic! Where do I sign, you might say? But before you start your migration there are some serious considerations to think about.

Having data accessible from anywhere is great but what about security?  If you can access your data from anywhere then so, potentially, could anyone else.  We have all read the news about celebrities being hacked because they had their data stored in the cloud but more importantly their security credentials were weak.

At Bistech we do things differently.  We have seen our cloud infrastructure double year on year as customer demand has increased.  We take security within the cloud very seriously.  Our customers use our private MPLS network to access their cloud services inside their perimeter defences.  This way corporate data does not touch the internet.  We deploy carrier grade security services to detect and block malicious content from entering a customer’s network and constantly monitor for network events that could cause our customers trouble.  In addition, we hold ISO 27001 and Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IG SoC) certificates to prove our dedication to security in both the private and public sectors.  Our Project Managers provide advice and guidance on how to secure and control network traffic to optimise your corporate performance. 

If you have any questions around cloud or security, we’re here to help. Call us on 01202 33 22 00 for an independent, no obligation chat about how your business could benefit from the cloud.