8 reasons why collaboration technologies are a must for business. Posted by Sally Bailey, 30 Oct 2015

IT as a facilitator of collaborative working is fast becoming the norm in the workplace. Organisations, large and small, are now taking advantage of a more joined up, flexible approach.

The benefits are many, least of all to gain competitive advantage, improve customers loyalty and attract the most talented staff.

Check out these eight ways to boost your workforce, sales and profitability with a wide-reaching and flexible approach to your business comms.

1. Motivate staff to work together and contribute.

The intelligent use of technology can facilitate the sharing of documents within teams, make it easier to keep track of who’s working on what and encourage collaboration among co-workers. This can help eliminate some of the frustrations often found in the workplace, creating a more motivated workforce. A collaborative working environment can also result in a faster-evolving and dynamic business operation, with a workforce that enjoys being involved in moving the business forward.

2. Gain competitive advantage.

A flexible, tailored solution means you can react quickly and stay ahead of the game. Responding rapidly to demand is crucial in any competitive market and with reliable and flexible technologies in place, speed of response should be ‘a given’.

3. Improve customer service.

Todays' technologies can vastly improve your customers’ experience. There are many options, with the use of the right technologies, to enhance and facilitate the way your customers do business with you, encouraging loyalty and improving customer retention.

4. Enable remote workers, wherever they are.

Geographically dispersed teams can be brought together with technologies that empower them to work as if they were on-site. This maximises productivity and enables a more efficient way of working. Field-based workers can be given the tools to communicate with peers to create meaningful relationships with their colleagues and feel more involved, even when working remotely.

5. Attract and retain talented staff.

The use of technology in the workplace can clearly set your business apart. And attracting the very best employees is critical to the success of your business. Providing tools that support staff, drive innovation and create a healthy work/life balance, are key considerations for many when considering employment in today’s job market.

6. Improve communication, efficiency and productivity across all departments.

Better connectivity improves the sharing of information and creates easy access to systems, despite geographic diversity. More efficient and streamlined processes saves time and improves communication between sites, people and customers.

7. Share knowledge throughout the business.

Specialist knowledge can be shared between sites, without the need expensive travel and resource costs, using videoconferencing and collaboration tools across reliable and resilient data connections.

8. Increase business agility.

With a strategic view of communications technology requirements, overall business agility can be improved. Better access to systems and people can facilitate better decision making in response to changes in the business environment.

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