13 Jul 2015
Better business continuity planning

London tube strikes expose need for better business continuity planning

Posted by Sally Bailey

For Business Continuity Communication Opinion

Millions of workers have been affected by commuting chaos in London following a series of planned strikes by Underground rail staff.

Productivity levels within UK businesses will undoubtedly be hit hard.

And extreme weather conditions continue to exacerbate the problem, with forecasts of storms and flooding posing a real threat to ‘business as usual’ - there’s no doubt that UK business could save billions by enabling better flexibility in these types of circumstances.

Having a contingency strategy in place will ensure systems provide the right level of business agility to cope with these unforeseen events. And when they occur, the impact will be minimised to businesses that have afforded themselves some business continuity planning.

The first step is to put in place the right technology that supports remote working, enabling staff to access their work, systems, emails and applications from any location, as they no longer need to be in the office to do their job. Whether working from home, a local café, or a client’s office, they can continue to be productive and work effectively. Tube strikes, diverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen event that hinders travel to the office, no longer matter as staff can simply work from wherever they are.

However, this way of working must be supported by the right technology. Visibility of activity throughout the business and ensuring reliability of service is critical to a successful business continuity strategy.
And there are many additional benefits of flexible working:

1. Boost morale amongst employees

Creating better accessibility and promoting a more collaborative way of working creates a healthy and buoyant working environment

2. Save costs 

Improving productivity and efficiency can make a significant difference to bottom line profit

3. Attract the best talent to a business

The expectation among many job seekers today, especially the new ‘millennial’ generation, is that they will have access to a more flexible and creative method of working, using technology as an enabler.

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