11 Mar 2015
Merger mania in the comms industry

In it for the long haul?

Posted by Chris Thomas

For Communication News Opinion

Converging technologies prompt merger mania in the comms industry.

The convergence of technologies continues to change the face of business communications. And with the current spate of mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts and consolidations, the industry is undergoing quite an overhaul.

Companies in this sector are diversifying and encroaching on each other’s lines of business, competing for market share and seeking new ways to create a loyal customer base. Many businesses are buying in expertise that enables them to offer a broader range of services and survive in this dramatically changing marketplace. Others see the opportunity to implement an exit strategy - often a three or five year plan - that enables them to cash in and move on.

But what about the impact to end user businesses (by which I mean you, the customer)? There appears to be a general feeling of unrest and uncertainty for customers looking for security and commitment to the ongoing management of their critical communications infrastructure. Inadequate support due to a lack of cohesion in a provider of ‘managed’ services, is hugely relevant when choosing a long term partner. Technologies that support mission critical applications must be reliable, resilient and scalable. This can be a challenge if there is a lack of responsibility and ownership of the total end to end solution, when services are ‘backed off’ to multiple providers.

For example, when considering a wide area voice and data network solution, think about the following:

1. Look before you leap.

Research the history and future plans of any potential partner to reassure yourself of the integrity of the solution. 

2. Scrutinise the terms and conditions.

Look for hidden ‘non-responsibility’ clauses that mean you are at the mercy of multiple ‘back end’ companies in the event of a system failure.

3. Know the level of support you can expect before the event.

Waiting until support is required before discovering multiple tiers of contact and escalation procedures could be expensive and damaging to your business.

4. Ask detailed, probing questions.

This will help to expose any ‘smoke and mirrors’ tactics.

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