27 Feb 2015
No DR plan? That’s a recipe for disaster!

No DR plan? That’s a recipe for disaster!

Posted by Andy Allison

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DRaaS will maximize resiliency and provide continuity when your business needs it most.

A single systems outage can be a painful reminder of the importance of disaster recovery (DR) planning. How would your business cope with the cost of downtime?

The risk to businesses without a disaster recovery strategy are multi-faceted. The threats are no longer just natural disasters. Security attacks, network failures and spikes in service demands can all have a major impact on revenue and reputation.

There are multiple options for DR and many considerations when implementing your business continuity strategy. Infrastructure environment, management options and testing, to name just a few of the key factors involved.

Whilst traditional DR solutions provide a reliable way of reverting your communications within a defined timescale, some models can be expensive and are not always reliable. They are often implemented but untested due to the risk of actually incurring a disaster situation!

DR as a Service (DRaaS) enables the replication, hosting and management of physical and virtual servers by a third party, providing business continuity that can be frequently tested without disruption, rendering it highly reliable.

In addition, DRaaS significantly improves the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) compared to traditional DR solutions, enabling business continuity with less data loss and minimised business impact.

DRaaS solutions include connectivity, hosting, network, licensing and hardware and can be cost-effectively managed in secure, diverse geographical locations.

Effective delivery of resilient business continuity demands an exceptional level of skills, facilities and security. With the right consideration and planning, a dynamic and flexible strategy can be implemented, protecting your business, whatever the weather.

If you need to protect a single server or multiple systems, Bistech provides a stable and secure platform for the deployment of your business continuity plan.

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