24 Oct 2014
Time’s up for ISDN!

Time’s up for ISDN!

Posted by Chris Thomas

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With BT announcing plans to decommission their ISDN lines, it’s clear that ISDN is now considered yesterday’s technology. There’s never been a better time to move to IP lines and listed below are some of the key reasons why.

Three reasons to move to IP lines today

Line rationalisation

  • A centralised pool of IP lines means all lines are available across all sites, giving you full control of your business phone numbers and reducing the overall line requirement.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Move location and take your numbers with you. No need for expensive call forwards or new company stationery.
  • Increase number of lines on a seasonal or short-term basis.
  • Additional lines can be activated straight away – with ISDN lines this could take up to 20 days.
  • Calls can be routed to any number at any site.
  • Minimise 'nuisance calls' with Call Blocking and Call Barring.

Business continuity

  • Set up a Business Continuity plan that diverts your numbers automatically or plays a pre-recorded message in the event of a fault on the line.
  • Proactively monitored service protects your business, maximising uptime.

Cost savings

  • Reduce the number of lines your business needs.
  • Benefit from lower call rates across your entire estate.
  • Get free calls between IP locations.
  • Deliver calls anywhere without expensive call forwards.
  • Reduce your network administration and ownership costs.

In addition to the above, with Bistech IP lines you will benefit from:

Complete control

  • Secure access to our unique Number Management System (NMS) to manage and control your lines and diverts, run reports and plan call routing.
  • Design routing options to effectively manage marketing campaigns, ensuring incoming calls are directed to the right people.

Comprehensive reporting

  • Gain visibility of inbound, outbound and concurrent calls within 24 hours.
  • Schedule essential automated reports that can be emailed directly to your inbox.

Service and support

  • As with all Bistech services, you will receive an exceptional level of support as standard.
  • Our managed services are monitored 24/7, with an average rectification time of less than 2 hours.

It’s quick and easy to start benefitting from Bistech IP lines. To find out more, talk to one of our experts on 03330 11 22 55.