27 Aug 2014
Security - the mission critical issue

Security - the mission critical issue

Posted by Sally Bailey

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In today’s business communications environment, with VoIP, converged communications and concepts such as ‘cloud’ being the technology norms, additional threats have emerged alongside the benefits these innovations clearly deliver.

Now security is on the agenda at the very highest levels of every type of organisation, from businesses to governments.

When it comes to security, you get what you pay for

We’ve seen how even the most sophisticated global technology giants, with state of the art security systems, can have their operations, reputations and incomes harmed by data security and data breaches.

Richard Holbrook, Bistech Technical Director says ‘The fundamental issue with regards to your communications and computer security is that cheap provision usually means corners have been cut. And those corners are usually to do with the sophistication and robustness of your security systems.’

So can break-ins and breakdowns be 100% eliminated?

The truth is: no. However, building an elegant communications solution with physical and virtual security as its key pillars is paramount. In addition, simply taking basic, common sense precautions such as encryption, call barring and elements like complex PIN and password protection can make a real difference.

Prevention is so much better than cure

Richard concludes, ‘Your business communication solutions must have security at their foundation, not as an afterthought. This is one area of today’s technology where cheap solutions in the short term can cost you dear in the long term.’