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01 Sep 2020

Unified Communications: The key to prospering post-pandemic

How the rapid rise in UC adoption is enhancing both user and customer experience.

Before the COVID pandemic, Gartner reported that just 12% of organisations were ready for large-scale homeworking. So as lockdown arrived, the race to implement flexible working began, resulting in many IT teams adopting short-term solutions that didn’t necessarily meet long-term needs. 

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28 Jul 2020

Safeguarding your data: why businesses are backing up the cloud

Posted by Dan Thomas

For Cloud Data Protection Backup

5 key benefits of using a cloud backup and archiving solution.

Unsurprisingly, we have seen cloud adoption accelerate significantly over the past 6 months, with businesses relying heavily on providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google to operate. Undeniably, productivity solutions such as Microsoft 365 bring game-changing efficiencies, as well as supporting flexible working. However, in the race to adoption, pause to consider your company’s lifeblood. Data.

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29 Jun 2020

Securing your business in an evolving IT landscape

Posted by Richard Holbrook

For Security Zero Trust Business Continuity

The rapid rise in remote working accelerates Zero Trust.

COVID-19 has forced the business world to adapt. As restrictions begin to lift, companies are considering their next steps – whether that’s returning to the office, adopting company-wide remote working, or taking a more flexible approach. Whichever route you follow, with the rise in COVID-related cybercrime, securing your business has never been more important.

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13 May 2020

Life beyond lockdown: 4 next steps to move your business forward

Posted by Richard Holbrook

For Remote Working Business Continuity Opinion

Continuity remains key as businesses prepare for the future of work.

Businesses have recently faced the biggest business continuity (BC) test ever seen, forcing us to change the way we work. Whilst many businesses implemented their existing BC plans, others found a 'quick fix' to homeworking and inevitably, some were forced to close their doors entirely.

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01 Apr 2020

Protecting your business from phishing during the Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Chris Thomas

For News Security Remote Working

In these unprecedented times as the world is coming together to battle a crisis, cybercriminals have been quick to capitalise on the change in normal working environments.

As the ultimate opportunists, they use the latest headlines around Covid-19 as clickbait, preying on intrigue, fear and uncertainty to gain access to corporate networks, potentially leading to compromised personal and company data and financial loss.

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