network services.

Powerful and professional wide area network services for businesses across the UK.

Whether you’re looking for greater speed for less money, improved reliability, more flexibility or simply an understanding of the options available to you, Bistech can help manage your wide area network services.

We’re committed to creating the right business network for our customers - fast, reliable, flexible and cost-effective. Working with a range of networking technologies, the benefits of a Bistech network are clear.

Bistech’s private managed network infrastructure is strategically located in secure data centres across the UK. Interconnected with all other major networks, your solution is designed specifically for your business.

Managed Network Services are tailored using MPLS and VPLS technologies combined with various connectivity types; from fibre bearers to EFM, FTTC and DSL options. For smaller sites, or homeworkers, that do not require fully uncontended access connections, contended service options are also available.

Cost effective backup solutions are provided on alternative carriers and technologies, ensuring additional resilience. Connections are terminated at different Bistech Points of Presence (PoP), whenever possible, providing further reassurance. In addition, we proactively monitor every customer site from our Network Operations Centre (NOC), where it’s commonplace for our team to identify and rectify issues before our customers are even aware of them.

The Bistech network – it’s the way we put it together that sets us apart.

Managed Wide Area Network Services Summary

Management Analyser
  • Real time visibility of your managed network, via the Bistech network web portal
Centralised Internet
  • Secured using industry-leading clustered firewalls
Managed IPSec or SSL VPNs
  • Ideal for remote workers and small office locations
Prioritisation or Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Optimise your wide area network to ensure essential, real-time traffic such as voice, video or corporate applications, is serviced ahead of non-business-critical packets, such as internet browsing.

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