01 Apr 2015
End of support for Windows Server 2003

On July 14, 2015 Microsoft ends support on Windows Server 2003 - will you make the deadline?

Posted by Sally Bailey

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With this date rapidly approaching, there’s much talk around what to do next. So what are the options?

Avoiding a patch and plug approach is probably a good start. Tempting as it may be to do a quick fix, making a speedy decision can have costly consequences.

There’s still time to take a step back and consider things in the round. Since Windows Server 2003 is leaving the workplace, now could be the right time to look strategically at the bigger picture.

Should those workloads be managed on site or are they better suited for the cloud? If so, which cloud? Private or public?

There’s a lot to think about, and now could be the right time to make some good decisions about how your systems are supporting the business, how cost-effectively they are deployed and whether it’s time for change in the broader sense.

  It’s widely reported that 1 in 3 companies will miss
  the deadline, leaving millions of servers vulnerable.

Security Alert

End of support on Windows Server 2003 could have significant consequences, rendering businesses at risk of compliance breaches and security risks. Business continuity planning may be compromised, resulting in higher operational costs and increased systems downtime.

Out of Compliance?

Without any further updates or fixes on Windows Server 2003, there is a real risk of falling foul of compliance issues as customer data may no longer be secure. An increase in intrusions, as a result of the passing of Windows Server 2003 is a real concern. Online theft of confidential information will become easier as hackers take advantage of millions of businesses left exposed.

Onwards and Upwards!

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of a migration from Windows Server 2003 and view it as an opportunity to not only move forward with a fresher version of Windows, but also to modernize and power up for the next generation of business technology advancements.

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