10 Feb 2015
Supporting Safer Internet Day

Supporting Safer Internet Day

Posted by Sally Bailey

For Internet News Security

Celebrating its 12th consecutive year, SID2015 is coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre and supported by the European Commission.
SID2015 promotes responsible and positive use of digital, to protect children and young people who are accessing technology in their everyday lives, at school and at home.

The intention is to teach them how to have fun and learn online whilst staying safe.

Providing an opportunity to explore how we all can play a part in creating a safer online environment for children, many organisations, teachers, parents and children are taking part. A range of issues associated with cyber bullying are addressed, including safer social networking, privacy and protecting your own online reputation.

There is a focus for schools throughout the country to redefine policies and develop internet safety across the curriculum. Today, using presentations, scripts, videos and workshops, such as the ‘safer selfie’ workshop and various positive message campaigns, the safer internet message is top of the agenda.

Bistech works with many education establishments, providing the underlying technologies that support internet connectivity in a highly secured and protected environment.

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