09 Sep 2014
Cloud: dispelling the myths

Cloud: dispelling the myths

Posted by Sally Bailey

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There are many common misconceptions about using Cloud communication services. Could they be clouding your judgement? Here are some points to consider.

Myth #1

Cloud computing is only about saving money

While economies of scale allow Cloud providers to offer significant cost savings, moving to the Cloud can deliver many other important advantages, including:

  1. Faster implementation & better reliability
  2. Improved business agility
  3. Visible & predictable costs
  4. Elimination of on-going ownership burdens


Myth #2

The Cloud is an all or nothing proposition

This is not so. Cloud models include:

  • Private, on-premises solutions where organisations own and manage their software and hardware
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions paid on a monthly subscription basis
  • Hybrid models that mix Cloud and on-premises approaches


Myth #3

The Cloud can’t deliver the performance necessary

Yes it can. With today’s technology it’s possible to protect your voice quality from everything else. But be aware, however, that some solutions vary in their ability to ensure call quality. Choose a Cloud solution that is sufficiently sophisticated and will provide the resilience and security your business needs.


Myth #4

The Cloud doesn’t give IT or the business sufficient control

The right solution can actually give IT and business managers greater control of their IT environment, than they would have with a traditional, on-premises deployment. For example, adding or decreasing capacity is easier in the Cloud, as is the rollout of new features. By working with the right partner, you can decide how much control you want or need to run your Cloud service efficiently and reliably.


Myth #5

The Cloud isn’t secure

This depends upon your chosen partner. A reputable Cloud partner will be able to demonstrate their commitment to the highest levels of security in their Cloud environment. ISO 27001 is an international standard that scrutinises professional security measures and systematically examines a company’s information security risks.


Myth #6

The Cloud is new and unproven

Not at all. From an architectural perspective, the Cloud isn’t really new and the sharing of virtualised resources in a multi-tenant environment dates back to mainframe computing. Telecom providers have a long history of hosting real-time communications services. Cloud is simply a relatively new name for this service.


Myth #7

The Cloud does not offer sufficiently customised solutions

Many Cloud solutions feature configuration parameters, interfaces and integration capabilities that actually make them better suited to customisation than conventional software. And with the benefit of cost savings too, this can be a flexible and attractive option.


Still confused? For more clarity about the right Cloud solution for you, talk to us. And for more information about Bistech, visit slideshare.net/bistech-group